Consortium led by Agastya International Foundation

The Ringtones Student-Designed Learning Content for Mobile Devices Project

India recently announced imminent availability of a $35 educational e-slate and national 3G connectivity. Using these resources, marginalized students may soon use e-slates as a powerful tool and connector for lifelong learning. The challenge and opportunity addressed by this project is the limited amount of linguistically and culturally-relevant software and learning content that will be available for these new devices.

This project, proposed by the ISTE affiliate in India, Indian Council for Integral Education (ICIE), builds on existing collaborations with two educational groups: one in rural village schools in Tamil Nadu and one in urban slums of Mumbai. Student-participants will develop content for mobile devices in their local language, reflecting local content and values. Formal and informal learning environments will support students as they develop these resources for themselves and their communities.

Students who are motivated, but restricted by current educational limitations, will have the possibility to improve their learning as they develop technology skills in a collaborative, cross-cultural, connected, project-based environment. The material support from this grant, membership in the New Learner Consortium, organizations of volunteer facilitators, and international resources of technology-using educators will merge in this project, informing models for future grassroots, culturally-appropriate technology integration in developing nations